Platinum Ember Bryte Coals for Fireplace Burners

Platinum Embers burn brighter!

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Most gas log sets for vented fireplaces come with a bag of glowing embers material that simulates the appearance of the red and orange embers in the flames of a natural wood fire. The one drawback to this is that those embers tend to glow a uniform color, which can defer the illusion somewhat.

These Platinum Ember Bryte Coals™ from the R. H. Peterson® company solve that problem by allowing you add some variety. When exposed to the flame of a gas or propane fire they glow noticeably brighter than stock glowing embers. Sprinkle them throughout your ember bed to create a more varied glow, adding to the realism! Works with any vented fireplace or gas log set that uses glowing embers. The one (1) ounce bag is the perfect size to supplement gas log set ember beds up to 42" in width.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed only for use in approved vented natural gas or liquid propane fireplaces. It should not be used in appliances that are not rated for it and NEVER used in vent-free fireplaces.

Benefits and features:

  • Burns brighter than other gas log set embers, adding variety and more realism
  • 1 ounce bag is designed to supplement an existing set of glowing embers
Fireplace Type Vented
Weight 2 oz.
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* Last updated on August 3rd 2016.
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