Probe Thermometer - for Double Wall Stove Pipes

Probe Thermometer - for Double Wall Stove Pipes Probe Thermometer - for Double Wall Stove Pipes
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A wood stove without a thermometer is like a car without a speedometer. Informed operation of your stove’s controls shows you when the fire consumes wood too fast, exceeding the stove’s efficient operation zone.

It’s impossible to know accurately, by looking at the burning flames, the temperature of your stove and flue. This thermometer enables you to avoid burning too hot, so you can prevent damage to your stove.

An under-fired wood stove is smoky, causing hazardous creosote and tar to form in the stove pipe. The thermometer informs you when burn rate is too cool, and tell you when optimum firing is achieved for safe operation.


  • Thermometer For Double-Wall Stove Pipes
  • Chrome-plated Copper Probe
  • Attaches Magnetically
  • Monitors Wood Stove Temperatures For Efficiency And Safety

Select a position on flue pipe a little higher than 18 inches above the wood stove. First, drill a three-sixteenths-Inch hole through both stove pipe walls. Second enlarge slightly only the exterior wall hole to one-quarter-inch. Slide magnet (first) and eyelet (second) onto probe, then
insert probe completely through both stove pipe wall into the flue. The magnet will stabilize the assembly securely on steel pipe and, when properly installed, prevent smoke from escaping the flue.

Expected life of a probe thermometer. 
Because of highly corrosive gas exhaust in flue pipes, the probe eventually corrodes and will cause inaccurate readings. Replace after 4000 hours of wood stove burning

900°F (500°C) And Hotter: Safety hazard, could ignite existing flue creosote. High temperature may be reached during initial stove firing, but is not advised for continuing operation. Burning too hot wastes wood, shortens burn time.

400°F - 900°F (200°C - 500°C): Optimum operating zone. Efficient wood-burning without generating excessive smoke and creosote.

400°F (200°C) Or Cooler: Incomplete combustion, casing soot, smoke, and hazardous creosote.

Made in the USA -icon-usaflag.png

This product is warranted to be free from defects for one year from the date of purchase, to be repaired or replaced at our option. Manufacturer is not responsible for consequential damages arising from use or misuse.

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