Standard Lintel Clamp Kit With End Brackets

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  • 4 Inch Lintel Clamp Kit With End Brackets
  • Lintel Clamp Installation
  • Lintel Clamp Installation
  • Adjustable Lintel Clamp | 4" - 6"
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Included with Standard Lintel Clamp Kit With End Brackets  Included in Kit:

  • 4 Lintel Clamps
  • 2 Flat Washers
  • 4 Thumb Screws
  • 2 Round Neck Round Phillips Head Bolts
  • 2 HEX Head Slot Screw Bolts
  • 2 End Brackets
  • 2 HEX Sheet Metal Screws
  • 2 Lead Screw Anchors

This is the ultimate kit that includes everything you need to install and secure a fireplace door. Lintel clamp kit with end brackets all the parts needed in this complete mounting kit. Lintel clamps, flex brackets, thumb screws, end brackets, lead anchors, and screws. It adjusts from 4” to 6” so it will fit your fireplace and new fireplace door perfectly.

For Masonry Fireplace Doors Only.

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