Types Of Electric Fireplaces

Types Of Electric Fireplaces

The reason to choose an electric fireplace is due to its convenience and simplicity. It's easy to install and doesn't present the same challenging installation difficulties that wood or gas units do. In addition, electric units offer cost savings as they don't require a gas line or refurbishing an outdated wood burning unit, and can simply plug into a standard 110-volt household outlet. Many units also have a built-in heater rated up to 5,000 BTU, and the flexible design options allow for various installation opportunities.

Wall mount electric fireplaces are a breeze to install as they can simply be hung on a wall or built in for a seamless integration. These units can be plugged into any standard 110-volt household outlet and often come equipped with a small heater. Even when built in, these units will still protrude a few inches due to the heating element that will vent from either the top or bottom to circulate heat. Wall mount electric fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and offer a range of features such as backlit LED lighting, remote control operation, and multiple color and media options. If you're looking to spruce up your space, consider wall mount electric fireplaces. They can be hung directly on the wall or built in, and top-notch features include backlit LED lighting, various fire media options, and color options for a personalized look. These units plug into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet, and venting is not necessary. You can enjoy these units with or without the heater for year-round use, and most models offer variable flame intensities with the convenience of remote control operation. Shop now for the perfect wall mount electric fireplace to complement your space.

Built-in electric fireplaces provide a sleek and unobtrusive mounting option that can seamlessly blend into any living space. These units are especially useful for new construction or renovating old spaces since they are easy to install and typically only require standard 2" x 4" framing with extended depth to accommodate the firebox. They can be plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet and some models even come equipped with a heater that vents through the fireplace's face. Notably, certain models offer a complete flush mount, making them ideal for condos, apartments, and new construction. Customization options include various fire media and color options to suit your personal style. Additionally, these units can be used with or without a heater, providing year-round enjoyment. Most models feature remote control operation and variable flame intensities.

Electric inserts are designed to fit effortlessly into existing spaces or fireplace openings, providing an economical alternative to traditional gas or wood fireplaces. These inserts can be plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet and typically come equipped with a small heater. These electric fireplace inserts offer more depth than other electric units, allowing them to fill up existing openings seamlessly. Most units come with included or optional trim kits that provide a seamless integration. Some highlights of electric fireplace inserts include their ability to fill existing masonry or openings to replace outdated fireplaces, their ability to be used with or without a heater for year-round enjoyment, and their availability in various fire media and color options for custom appearances. Most units also feature variable flame intensities with remote control operation and include or have optional trim pieces available for a seamless integration. Furthermore, certain models of electric fireplace inserts have a low profile design that allows for a complete flush mount. These inserts are great for use in condos, apartments, and new construction projects, and can be plugged into a standard 110 volt electrical outlet without requiring venting.

Electric fireplaces with standalone mantels offer a classic fireplace look with a beautiful surround, resembling a traditional fireplace unit. These fireplaces do not require any installation and can be easily used by anyone as they only need a simple 110 volt plug. They are a great option for areas where a wood/gas fireplace cannot be vented. The realistic flame presentations provide the look and appeal of a traditional unit without any hassle. These fireplaces feature various fire media and color options to provide custom appearances. They are great as TV stands or as a focal point and provide a traditional fireplace and mantel appearance. Most units come with remote control operation and variable flame intensities. Venting is not necessary as they plug into standard 110 volt electrical outlets.

Electric fireplaces offer a diverse range of installation choices without requiring venting, making them a fantastic substitute for conventional wood or gas fireplaces. The modest output of heat is an economical means of warming your preferred living area, while the combination of modern and classic styles creates a stunning centerpiece.

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