How to Install a Burner In Your Fire Pit

How to install a gas or propane burner in your fire pit.

Types of Ignition Systems for Fire Pits

All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS)

An AWEIS is the heart of many fire pit and bowl kits that we sell on our store websites. This unit is responsible for controlling the flow of gas through the valve, initiating a pilot flame or igniter, and causing the gas to ignite. This unit has the ability to be controlled via a remote system such as a remote relay or pool controller.

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AWEIS - All Weather Electronic Ignition System

Submersible Electronic Ignition System (SUBEIS)

A SUBEIS is a 24-Volt water proof submersible electronic module that works with fire on water manifolds. This allows you to operate your underwater fire feature with a simple push of a button. Designed to sit below the water line and built with advanced technology, these manifolds are the perfect solution for designing any outdoor fire and water system. The SUBEIS system provides up to 290 KBTU output per hour, with a micro chip circuit board to re-light the fire if the wind blows it out. The microchip also handles a built-in safety feature where after three failed attempts at lighting the fire, the system will automatically shut itself off. This prevents dangerous ignitions and/or unlit gas flowing forth when the elements are not working properly. 

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How to Install a SUBEIS

Last updated on August 25th 2017.