Which Rasmussen Gas Log Burner Should I Get?

Which Rasmussen Gas Log Burner Should I Get?

Rasmussen's Valve Vanisher feature is a clever solution to common issues linked with gas fireplace ignition systems. It effectively hides the black box containing the required electrical components to operate the fireplace, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The Valve Vanisher also eliminates the need to alter the gas log set's positioning to accommodate the control box, thereby further improving the fireplace's appearance. Lastly, this feature relocates the control box to a cooler and safer location inside the firebox, extending the components' lifespan and reducing the likelihood of professional maintenance. Rasmussen's burner system includes several important components, such as pan filler to enhance the appearance and burn performance, white sand for natural gas burners, and volcanic ash for propane burner buyers. Additionally, the set comes with Ember Magic, a unique product that replicates the look of glowing embers within a fireplace. The package also contains various hardware components, such as a whistle-free stainless steel gas line and a damper clamp, to facilitate installation. It is worth mentioning that Rasmussen's burner systems are available in a "double face" configuration, specifically designed for see-through or two-sided fireplaces with viewing angles on all sides. These special burner systems' parallel design ensures that the fireplace looks great, regardless of where you sit.

The focus of this piece is Rasmussen Fireplace Burners, specifically the F, FX, CS, CXF, TNA, LC, and LD burners.

Burner systems are available, namely the F Burner and the FX Burner. The F Burner has a basic design that works well in a variety of fireplaces and features a single tube burner design. It offers an aesthetically pleasing variable flame pattern and a compact ember bed. On the other hand, the FX Burner has a similar design to the F burner but with the addition of dual ember booster tubes to the front of the unit. This results in a brighter and larger ember bed for enhanced realism and style.

The CS Burner is a unique and customizable burner with a strong and authentic flame. Its original design has stood the test of time, proving that if something works well, there is no need to fix it. One of the greatest aspects of this burner is its versatile installation options. With legs, it appears sleek and modern, while without legs, it creates a rustic pit fire ambiance.

The CXF Burner from Rasmussen is an exceptional choice for those seeking an impressive gas fireplace burner. It combines the realistic flame of the CS Burner and the bright ember bed of the FX Burner. Additionally, the CXF Burner comes with a height-adjustable pan, allowing for customization.

The TNA Burner is specifically designed to fit narrow-backed Kiva and Rumsford style fireplaces, making it a great option for tipi logs. Its specialized design allows for premium flame performance that surpasses traditional burners. As always, Rasmussen burners deliver impressive results.

The LC & LD Burner has a multi-tiered design where the burners are integrated with the grate. LC burner is used for smaller sizes, whereas LD burner is for larger sizes. The multi-tiered burner design ensures a full flame appearance for any fireplace. The LC burner is suitable for sizes 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches, while the LD burner is intended for use with sizes between 30 inches to 96 inches.

If you're struggling to pick the appropriate burner for your fireplace, the process can certainly be daunting. However, we trust that our guide has provided you with useful information to aid in your decision-making. If you still require assistance in selecting the most suitable gas fireplace burner system for your household, simply contact our team at 814-723-9394, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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