[Design Idea] Fire and Water Wall

Building a Fire & Water Wall Near a Pool

Fire and water wall

Fire and water wall

Fire and water wall

Design Notes

1. Our role in this job was to fabricate the 8' burner bar and supply (1) 18" fire ring, (2) Remote Control Module Kits and a 10" x 10" NEMA Type 3R Junction box which housed (3) X-10 outlets and (2) 24v Transformers (the same transformers that come in our Remote Control Module Kit). The Junction box we built had a 15' long electrical cord that plugged into an outlet inside the fire trough that had been previously installed by this Pool Companies electrician. This Junction box was subsequently buried underneath the lava rock you see in the photo of this feature.

2. When this feature was first designed by the Pool Company they designed it with the 8' burner bar inside the same trough as the water. This idea – though possible – drives the price of the feature up and invites maintenance problems later on. By separating the water trough from the fire trough it made it more practical and more cost effective. As it turned out, once the feature was finished we all realized the size of the submersible pump was such that it would have made it impossible to fit the Remote Control Fire components in the same trough anyway.

3. The lower water trough had low voltage lighting, a submersible pump and automatic water fill.

4. Everything electrical was controlled remotely using X-10 outlets and transceivers all controlled by one hand-held X-10 Remote Controller. Afterward the customer decided she wanted the low voltage lighting and the waterfall to also be on a timer. We accomplished this by adding an X-10 Programmable timer and plugging it into an outlet inside the home, not far from where this feature was located – the timer works great! The customer has the option of overriding the timer by simply using the hand-held X-10 Remote Controller. It was a very good idea to put the waterfall on a timer due to the fact the water needed to be circulating a few hours each day anyway to get the chlorine from the In-line chlorinator to cycle through the water in this feature.

Note: For pool companies this type of feature is a great "add-on" in addition to building the customer's pool. This particular pool company does this type of work on many of their customer's homes. They will build the pool AND water/fire features in the front courtyard or somewhere else in the backyard.

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