Fire Glass

Fire Glass - For Gas fireplaces and gas fire pits - Watch the flames dance over the shimmering glass!

Create a shimmering "fire and ice" display with our American-made fire glass! This is a stunning alternative to traditional log sets or gravel in your fire feature. The cut and texture of each individual tempered piece directs the natural fluidity of the flame as it graces the prisms below. Your fire feature will go beyond the definition of beauty when you embellish it with your choice of colored glass!

Fire Glass Varieties


These are pieces of glass with the sharpest edges smoothed using a tumbler. They appear rough and slightly jagged.


These beads, sometimes called "pebbles," have been smoothed completely. The resemble river stones.


Some varieties of glass have a layer of reflective material embedded in them. This makes them see-through from certain angles but much shinier when viewed straight-on.


  • 100% lifetime limited warranty on every pound of our American-made fire glass!
  • Can be used with all of Fireside Expressions' fire features, including our outdoor fireplaces!
  • Outdoor approved and non-toxic! No soot!
  • Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 1,300 degrees!
  • Allows gas from your burner to flow effortlessly through your fire feature, without impeding the look and quality of the flames.
  • Gorgeous reflective colors that can be mixed and matched to liven up your decor.
  • We also have pre-mixed color options - available in complimenting shades.
  • Enjoy the glittering display even during daylight hours

How much do I need?

Using in a fire pit or fire bowl? We recommend covering the firestar or ring with a layer of cinders/lava rock. These should be 1" diameter or larger. Glass should then be used as a topping over cinders/lava rock to approximately 1” in depth. This helps save material, and allows for safer operation.

Don’t cover the burner system with any additional shielding, grates, or other materials that have not been approved with YOUR fire pit/fire table assembly.

Don’t add additional burner media or any other material not specified in YOUR installation and operating manual of your fire pit/fire table.

Don’t allow burner media on pilot assembly screen.

Last updated on February 13th 2018.