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Wood Mantels

fireplace mantels

Elegant, warm, and organic, a selection of real wood mantels custom made to fit the surround material of your fireplace!

Can't decide on a style? Not sure how to order? No problem! We're always happy to help!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel Bring a touch of refined elegance to your home with this magnificent fireplace mantel surround. The Avondale (pictured in red oak wood with a TM medium stain) is a compelling work of art! The decorative breast plate pays tribute to the mythological griffin within the center applique, which is made from a wood composite. The deep start and stop fluted legs boast special pillar capitals with ornate acanthus leaf details. Rope trim draws attention to the hearth, while subtle ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Beaumont is a mission type wood mantel that flaunts straight lines and simple detailing. Shown in red oak wood with a TM medium stain, this classic fireplace surround is the perfect accent for new fireplaces, or a charming facelift for existing features. The neatly designed breast plate nestles between the well-defined columns for a grand statement. The impressive crown molding shelf is perfect for displaying your favorite treasures and antiquities. Fully assembled ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Clifton wood mantel is the epitome of class and style! With a look fit for a palace, this Grecian-inspired fireplace surround is full of gorgeous onlays throughout its architectural design. As you take in the beauty of this mantel, you eyes are drawn to the framed center applique within the breast plate which resembles a neoclassical urn. Dentil molding is sprawled along the underside of the shelf, which is pedestaled by gilded columns. Extravagant crown molding and ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares - the firelight is much brighter when it's emphasized by the Downtown mantel! Glamorous and captivating, this ornate fireplace surround is truly a masterpiece. You'll fall in love with its antique-inspired wood composite center applique and rope trim that embraces the hearth opening. Elegant start and stop fluted legs with pillar tops are embellished with acanthus leaf details, while subtle decorative molding can ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Essex wood mantel will take you away to an opulent setting from the Dronfield Manor, where you might find yourself nestled in your Victorian armchair, enjoying a good book in front of the cozy fire. The rich detail speaks volumes about the skill and devotion that went into handcrafting this gorgeous work of art. A raised center panel and pillar capitals are decorated with oval textured appliques, while solid fluted legs and rope trim embrace the hearth. Dentil molding ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Florence wood mantel is a blossoming bouquet of charm and beauty! This surround puts a unique twist on traditional mission style décor with intricate details. Shown in red oak wood with a TM medium stain, you'll find depth and character in the dentil molding underneath the mantel shelf, as well as the raised panels on the breast plate. Supported by fluted columns, this gorgeous mantel surround will enrich the look of any fireplace! Fully assembled and ready to ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Glenmore wood mantel reflects a natural greatness with its statuesque appeal and grace. Similiar in style to the Florence, this surround offers a few more details than the traditional mission style fireplace surrounds. The overall design is clean and simple, while fluted columns and raised panels within the breast plate claim stake to detail and excellence. Shown in red oak wood with a TM medium stain, you'll be proud to adorn your fireplace with this new facing! ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel To enhance your living space with a graceful yet dramatic look, consider our finely carved Harmonie wood mantel for your home. Pictured in red oak wood with a TM dark stain, this fireplace surround is literally and figuratively picturesque! The Rubenesque pillars combine prolific Baroque artistry with a sense affluence in this impressive masterpiece. Decorative molding can be found throughout this mantel, trimming the hearth, pillar capitals, and underneath of the mantel ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel If you prefer the charisma of Colonial décor, the Ilustre is at your beck and call! With the look of an antiquity from an old Virginia mansion, this stunning fireplace surround brings a sense of historic grace to your home. The Ilustre is full of intricate details, flaunting double fluted start and stop columns on either side of the hearth. The breast plate displays harp-style appliques above each leg, and Grecian urn millwork in the center. Wide dentil molding is tucked ...
Building Codes & Clearances You Should Know Mantel Shelf Installation Instructions How To Measure For Your Fireplace Mantel The Jacoby is a unique wood mantel that blends mission and American Shaker styles together for a look that has just enough detail to draw attention. This fireplace surround (shown in red oak wood with a TM medium stain) retains clean lines and a sense of attractive beauty without frills and scrollwork. Create a delightful appeal to existing features, or promote a traditional look to new fireplaces. The classic American farmhouse design of this embracing surround is evident ...

Do I need an arched mantel to go with my arched fireplace?

No. It is entirely your preference -- just make sure that if you get a square mantel it doesn't cover up any part of your arch when installed.

Can I order a custom mantel size?

Absolutely! Almost all of our wood mantels are able to be ordered in a custom size to fit your fireplace.

 How do I measure my fireplace for a mantel?

There are things to consider, but really it's a straightforward process. Just follow this guide:

How to measure a surround style mantel for a fireplace

Before starting, you'll need to check your local building codes and your fireplace's manual to see how much clearance you'll need to combustible material. Because most surround mantels are made of wood, you'll need to make sure that the facing material is sufficiently large to give enough distance away from the firebox. For the most part this is different for every fireplace and in most locations, so take this into consideration and do some research. Discuss it with your contractor or installer -- they should know how to determine the proper amount.

You might want to look at the mantels we have available and use the methods below to make sure it's going to work for you. Make sketches and take notes as you go; ordering a mantel is straightforward but not necessarily simple. Make sure that you have a good idea of what you want and all of the available information before buying.

During any fireplace installation or remodel, the mantel is always the last component to be installed. This means that your fireplace should already have the firebox and surround facing material (brick, stone, marble, tile, etc.) installed.


Diagram showing the firebox, the facing material, and the hearth

First, locate your facing material (also called the fascia) and the hearth. For this example we will be using marble material.


Example diagram showing how to measure the height and width of the fireplace facing material and hearth.

Measure the width of your facing material, and measure width of the hearth (if you have one). Measure the height of the facing material from the floor if there is no hearth, or from the hearth if you have one. if your material is uneven, you'll want to take three measurements on each side and go with the smallest one. In our example the facing material is 40" wide by 38" high, with a hearth width of 52".


Diagram showing the facing material protruding from the wall 1".

Some facing materials are flush with the wall, while others protrude from it. Make sure to measure how much the facing material sticks out from the wall -- you will need this measurement later. If the wall or the facing material seems uneven, take three measurements and use the largest one. In our example the marble protrudes 1" from the wall.

Diagram showing where a mantel might possibly be in relation to the fireplace.



Now that we have the measurements of the facing material, we will need to determine the size of the mantel. Try to visualize where the mantel will go as you work. This will help your to anticipate where you need to take the following measurements, and any possible obstructions that you might find during installation.

Because most of our mantels are custom made some models can't be returned -- be sure to get the right measurements the first time!


Diagram showing the inside width after the half inch is subtracted.

The inside of the mantel surround will need to overlap the facing material on each side to hide the edges. You have some play here, but most builders overlap 1/2" on each side, so you will subtract 1/2" from the facing height, and 1" from the facing width (1/2" from each side). So in our example, our inside width will be 39" and our inside height will be 37-1/2".


Diagram showing the maximum width for the legs.

The outer width will need to fit on the hearth (if you have one). This can affect the maximum width of the mantel's "legs." Check this measurement on the mantel you are considering to make sure that you have enough room that the edges of the mantel legs will not stick out when installed. Because the hearth in our example is 52" wide, we can have legs up to 6-1/2" wide (52" - 40" = 12", or 6" on each side plus 1/2" each for the overlap)

If you don't have a hearth, you're only limited by obstructions on the wall.


Diagram showing possible obstructions to mantel installation.

Next you will need to make sure that there are no architectural obstructions on the wall (light switches, protruding beams, windows, doors, etc.) or on the ground (register grates, shutoff valves, electrical outlets, etc.) that will prevent you from installing a mantel. Remember, the breast of the mantel (the box on top) is usually quite high and the shelf is normally wider than the overall mantel, so you are limited by your fireplace's surroundings.

If you find any obstructions and aren't sure how to proceed, make as detailed a note as you can (measurements from the fireplace surround, the floor, etc.) and give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 so that we can try to find an alternative.

Don't forget: We took a measurement for how much the facing material protrudes from the wall. This measurement is called the "return" of the mantel.


Diagram showing what we mean by the "return" of the mantel.

The return is the measurement from the wall to the back of the mantel surround. In most cases the mantel will not rest against the facing material but sticks out further, giving the mantel some depth.


Diagram showing the return with example measurements.

In order to take this measurement, try to find the thickest point of the facing material and add at least 1/4" (although you can add more if you'd like a deeper frame). So in our example, 1" + 1/4" = 1-1/4" return.


Diagram showing the scribe molding installed.

I know what you're thinking: "Won't this leave a gap between the fireplace facing material and the side of the mantel?"

Actually, no -- surround-style mantels come with a piece of scribe molding for the inside of each leg that you can adjust to fit snugly against the fireplace's facing material.



That should just about do it, but if you're unsure at any point as to how to proceed, gather your notes and give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 or email us with your concerns -- we're happy to help!

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We installed the fireplace screens today. They installed very easy and were exact in size. Thank you so much for your professionalis m throughout.

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Customer Service
I must say the ladies in customer service really do go above and beyond. They have been quick to respond and extremely helpful. I can not wait to get my concrete bowls and install them. Thank you Dana and Lindsey for great service.

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This was the lowest price for glass
As I responded above, all went well and I appreciate being able to purchase the replacement glass for my gas fireplace insert at a reasonable cost. Thanks.

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I received my shipment of the Cottesmore Electric Coal Basket this morning.  I am very pleased with the basket and the way it operates.  The heater is very quiet and the flickering flame effect is very attractive. I had planned to plug the unit into the electrical outlet on the right side of my fireplace.  The electric cord is not long enough to reach that outlet since the cord comes off the left side of the unit.  I will have to work something else out. I was very happy and surprised to receive the basket this soon.  Thank you for such excellent service.  Its been a real pleasure doing business with your company.

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Customer service is A++! They answered every question I had!

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