Fireplace Mesh Doors

Mesh fireplace doors for your prefab and masonry fireplaces.

We have custom mesh fireplace doors – for customers that aren't looking for glass doors. Mesh fireplace doors have become very popular for vent free or vent-less fireplaces. It not only gives the illusion of a vented fireplace, but adds beauty and safety to your fireplace. While the mesh is usually black, the frames can be any color, width or design offered by that manufacturer.

Mesh fireplace doors are not just for pre-fab or zero clearance, vent-free fireplaces. Many people with masonry fireplaces choose not to have glass doors on their fireplace. Some people prefer the rustic feel of the mesh as opposed to glass. This is particularly true for those with outdoor fireplaces. Enjoy the safety that the mesh provides without the glass.

Our custom mesh fireplace doors are:

  • Essential for the safety of your home
  • Designed to keep ashes and sparks inside your fireplace.
  • An affordable, low cost
  • Easy, require low maintenance
  • Made in the USA
Last updated on June 12th 2018.