Fireplaces anchor any space and are a focal point that can provide a stylish statement! They are unique in options from adding charm, character, warmth, and traditional aesthetics to transforming a space with modern and contemporary style design. If you are looking to transform or update your fireplace look no further! Get inspired by the vast selection of fireplaces and more that we have to offer! The intimate ambiance and relaxing atmosphere fireplaces bring are second to none. Wood-burning fireplaces have been around for millennia and can create beautiful contrast when coupled with modern finishes. From the crackling and coziness of burning logs and split wood aroma to the incredibly versatile design of Linear gas fireplaces we can offer it all. Fireplaces can be integrated into all sorts of design styles from traditional, to modern farmhouses, and industrial. We have listed 5 ideas to help you choose and design a stunning fireplace.

Five Design Ideas For Fireplaces

Install an Electric Fireplace:

  • Electric fireplaces are easy to maintain and have high-efficiency ratings to provide warmth without the chore of burning wood. They do not cause a mess with ashes and clean up like a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Electric inserts can be installed into your existing fireplace or give a home a contemporary and modern feel by opting for a built-in linear or wall-mounted fireplace.

Accent Fireplace:

  • Consider creating an accent wall with your fireplace! Painting your fireplace a different color or adding a textured finish can create a different look and feel for the space. Replacing or adding a mantel or updating the front facade and doors can make a huge impact. Add a dramatic effect by choosing to do a complete accent wall with a variety of wall panels, wainscoting, fretwork, mosaics, and faux stone wall panels we have to offer here at CJ's Hearth & Home!

Gas Log Sets:

  • Gas log sets are an excellent addition to your fireplace! The realistic looks and design are typically made from cement or ceramic and provide plenty of warmth to your space. They are available in vented or vent free depending on your fireplace. Gas log sets add the charm and look of a real log-burning fire.

Classic Wood-Burning Fireplaces:

  • Choose to update your existing wood-burning fireplace with new doors, decorative fascias, mesh curtains, or screens. There are numerous options for creating a new look for your home's interior by changing and enhancing your fireplace.

Gas, Wood, or Pellet Stoves:

  • Opting for a heating stove in your home or camp will provide the heat and warmth you desire with aesthetically pleasing designs and ambiance. They are more efficient than typical wood-burning fireplaces. They usually create more of a rustic feel to the atmosphere.

When it comes to redesigning or replacing your fireplace, CJ's Hearth & Home provides limitless products and options for you to make it easier for you. We carry beautiful high-end accessories and decor for your dream fireplace!

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