Hargrove Vented Blazing River Stones Set

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Enhance your fireplace's appearance with the Vented Blazing River Stones Set from Hargrove. These decorative fire media feature a sleek oval shape that achieves a contemporary aesthetic. Place a layer of the River Stones on your gas fireplace burner for a fiery effect that eliminates the mess of wood logs. These stones come in various neutral colors and can be mixed and matched to create a rustic atmosphere. The heat-resistant ceramic fiber construction of the Blazing River Stones ensures that they won't crack or pop, even in hot conditions. They boast heat reflectivity and durability, making them a realistic addition to your hearth season after season. This set is exclusively designed for use with the Hargrove Vented Full Pan Gas Burner (sold separately).

Information regarding the coloration process of our ceramic stains can be found here.

  • The appearance of color may differ between items, which amplifies the distinctiveness of our products.
  • Black, dark gray and brown colors have the ability to make soot less noticeable when compared to lighter colors. This is because soot, which is a natural byproduct of a yellow pan burner or firepit flame, blends in better with darker colors.

Product Features:

  • The set comprises of 7 pieces in the chosen color and can cover an area of 0.5 square feet.
  • An alternative to traditional wood logs that is modern.
  • The River Stones can be utilized with fireplaces that are either single-sided or see-thru and even be used outdoors on fire bowls, fire pits and fire tables.
  • This product is should be used uses with a Vented Full Pan Gas Burner (which is sold separately).
  • This product is composed of ceramic fiber that is resistant to high temperatures.
  • The phrase "Indoor Use Only" should be used to indicate that a particular item or product is intended for use exclusively indoors and should not be used outside.

Suggested Coverage for Blazing River Stones
4 sets for an 18" application
6 sets for a 24" application
8 sets for a 30" application
Mix colors as desired.


To determine how many packs are required, measuring the burner area is necessary. For instance, let's consider the 24" Hargrove Full Pan Burner which has dimensions of 24" W x 12" D. The burner area can be calculated by multiplying its dimensions, giving us 288 sq. in. Since the pack is measured in sq. ft., dividing the total sq. in. by 144" (1 sq. ft.) is required. Therefore, 288 divided by 144 equals 2 sq. ft. Hence, you require 2 square inches of coverage for a single-layer to cover the burner.

 Product Specifications:

 Set Type:  Vented Indoor Sets Only
 Material:  Ceramic-Fiber
 Covers:  0.5 Sq. Ft.

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