Lava Rock

Lava Rock - a porous, natural rock for your fire features. Perfect for natural gas or propane use.

Lava rock gives your gas fire pit, fire bowl, or outdoor fireplace a rustic and natural look. We always recommend that lava rock and/or fire glass is placed over a burner in our gas fire features.  The lava rock puts a layer between the burner and the flame, preventing the burner from turning black from the flame burning it.  Lava rock is lightweight and porous, allowing the gas to flow through and around it, creating a beautiful effect for any fire feature.

Lava rock is volcanic stone, harvested from the lava of a volcano. Unlike sedimentary stone, such as shale, which has been formed by pressure squeezing it together over millions of years, lava cools quickly creating many gas pockets in its surface causing lava rock to be lightweight and porous. Being formed from the extreme temperatures of magma it is also more fire-resistant than other forms of stone that can expand, crack, and explode when put in a fire. Because of its heat resistance, uneven surface, and low cost lava rock is a common component of gas fire features.

Uses and Features

  • As our most affordable fire media, lava rock is often used as a "filler." Many contractors use lava rock to fill up the bottom area of a fire pit, burner pan, or fire bowl so that they don't have to use as much of more expensive fire pit media like fire glass. 
  • When used in fire bowls, lava rock creates a buffer between the burner and the sides of the bowl.  This keeps the bowl cool to the touch even with a heavy flame. This is important, because some materials, such as concrete, may crack if exposed to hot spots.
  • Many people enjoy the look of our lava rock as-is. It gives a raw, earthy feel to any fire feature, and the uneven shape coupled with the microscopic pockets in the surface make gas flames burn in a more chaotic natural pattern.
  • The surface pores also makes lava rock a commodity in gardening, as they allow air, water, and nutrients into the soil. Lava rock is popular as a mulch and in garden pathways because unlike wood chips, it will never rot.

Can I use it in my pond or fountain?

The microscopic air pockets can trap air inside, so despite its strength lava rock is lightweight and buoyant; most pieces float. If not retained properly in a garden, it can wash away quite easily--make sure to put it in an area with good drainage so that you won't have to constantly replenish it.

Last updated on February 13th 2018.