Mesh Curtains & Screens

Mesh Curtains & Screens

Mesh Curtains & Screens

Installing a fireplace mesh curtain or screen allows everyone to safely enjoy the warmth and beauty of a gas or wood-burning fire in a fireplace.  Mesh fireplace curtains and screens contain the sparks and flying embers in the fireplace while preventing people and pets from accidental burns.  Available in various decorative designs, sizes, and shapes, fireplace screens and mesh curtains will give your fireplace a decorative touch while acting as a safety barrier.

Standard Hanging Mesh Curtains

Hanging fireplace mesh screen curtains are made out of durable steel, stainless steel, or metal wire that has been woven together to create a wire curtain featuring a metal curtain pull.  Our woven wire curtains come in 1/4" standard mesh or 3/16" mini mesh, which refers to the size of the holes in the mesh curtain. The wire curtains come in either one single or two equally sized sliding panels, similar to fabric curtains for a window.

The hanging wire curtains should have a standard 40% fullness, meaning the mesh should have extra width to create a natural drape effect within the fireplace opening. For example, if your fireplace width is 30" total, you will want to order two 24" wide mesh panels. Fireplace mesh curtains are installed inside the opening of a fireplace using mounting hardware such as rods and rings. One of the following mounting options can be used to install mesh curtains in both masonry and prefabricated fireplaces. Curtain rod kits are commonly sold separately from mesh curtains. 

  • Bypass Rod - Available in 36", 48", and 75" sizes, bypass rods are the most basic mounting option.  Shallow holes are drilled into either side of the fireplace opening, and the bypass rods are cut to length.  The rod ends are slipped into the predrilled holes, and a bracket is used in the center to help further secure the rod.  
  • Straight Rod Kit - This kit is mounted with a center plate into the top of the fireplace/lintel and fits openings between 32" - 58". Each rod has holes punched in the end, allowing them to be secured to the top of the fireplace.  This allows the mesh to move without shifting the rods.  
  • Angled Rod Kit - Designed to fit openings between 32" - 58" and is also mounted with a center plate into the top of the fireplace opening/lintel. Each rod has bent ends with punched holes, allowing the rod to be secured to the sides of the fireplace.

Calculating the right height of the fireplace mesh curtains is very important as it prevents gaps that allow sparks to escape from the fireplace.  For fireboxes that do not have an existing mesh curtain rod, simply measure the overall height of the firebox and the necessary deductions will be made for the curtain rod and bottom clearances.  If you are replacing your fireplace mesh curtains, measure straight up and down from the bottom of the firebox to the existing curtain rod.  If you do not see a standard size that will work with your fireplace opening, please contact us for a custom hanging mesh quote!

Recessed Hanging Mesh and Valance Kits

Recessed mesh and valance kits give your masonry fireplace a modern look as the valance hides the recessed mesh curtain mounting hardware.  The recessed mesh installs into the opening of the fireplace and fits snugly within the opening. The valance is a metal plate that can go above or below the fireplace opening and creates a contemporary, sleek aesthetic. Besides creating a sleek modern look, other benefits of recessed mesh and valance kits include:

  • Mounting - Recessed mesh and valance kits are designed to be installed in masonry fireplaces with larger openings.  The valance is installed using the included lintel clamps, screws, and hardware.  The lintel clamp that holds the lintel support bar in place is long, allowing the clamp to fit across the thick edge of the masonry stone or brick. The lintel support bar is what the curtain rod and top valance attach to. Prefabricated fireplaces do not have a deep edge, therefore, the lintel clamp would not have enough surface area to attach properly.
  • Customizable Features - Valances can be customized with a powder coat or premium finish, allowing you to match the style of your fireplace and room decor.  Installing a top and bottom valance creates a fireplace door concept, which creates an even more finished look.
  • Custom Fit - Recessed mesh valance kits are available in completely custom sizes.  Enter the depth of your lintel bar and you will have a high-quality product designed to specifically fit your open hearth masonry fireplace.

Fireplace Screens

As with mesh fireplace curtains, freestanding fireplace screens offer a protective barrier and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  It is recommended to order a screen large enough to cover the fireplace opening, slight overlapping is okay. Freestanding screens are also commonly used to help keep children, pets, and unwanted items out of the fire, while keeping sparks and flying embers contained.  Common types of fireplace screens:

  • Freestanding Single Panel - Single panel fireplace screens are available in fixed and custom sizes, which are offered in a wide array of design styles and finishes. Available in flat or curved styles, you will be sure to find a single panel screen to coordinate with any decor.
  • Folding - Folding fireplace screens consist of three or four panels that are designed to fold as needed. Folding fireplace screens block off more of the fireplace opening than single-panel screens and are available in fixed or custom sizes. A variety of design options are also available. 
  • Operable Door - Freestanding fireplace screens with operable doors add safety, style, and convenience to the fireplace opening. The operable doors allow you to tend to the wood-burning fire without having to remove the safety barrier. The screens have feet to keep the unit stable when opening and closing the screen doors.  Operable door fireplace screens come in a wide array of sizes and styles to match any room decor.
  • Freestanding Glass Panel - Freestanding glass panel fireplace screens offer a contemporary aesthetic to any fireplace. As with most of our fireplace safety screens, these glass panel screens are available in fixed and custom sizes along with a variety of styles and finishes. A freestanding glass fireplace screen provides a safety barrier and an unobstructed view of the flames, as well as a stylish way to cover the fireplace opening when it is not in use.
  • Attachable Safety Screen - Commonly used on gas fireplace glass, the attachable safety screen fastens to the front of the fireplace to create an air space between the hot glass and the screen.  This creates a physical barrier, reducing the risk of serious burns by preventing direct contact with the glass front.

Fireplace screen design styles range from minimalistic and simple to decorative and ornate, allowing a seamless blend with the design of any fireplace.  Besides adding a much needed layer of protection to your fireplace, these fireplace screens add a touch of style and beauty to the room.

Mesh Curtains and Fireplace Screens Buying Guide

Adding a fireplace screen, mesh curtains, or a recessed mesh and valance kit adds a stylish safety barrier to your indoor fireplace.  With many options available, you'll need to take a few things into consideration before making the final purchase.

New or replacement standard fireplace curtains require accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit.  Measure the opening width from side to side, keeping in mind that having extra material helps to create a full, draped look, similar to household window coverings.  When measuring a firebox with an existing mesh curtain rod, measure from the bottom of the opening to the top of the rod. For standard mesh curtains, allow 1/2" clearance at the bottom to prevent the mesh curtains from dragging across the firebox floor when opening and closing the panels. 

When measuring a firebox without an existing fireplace curtain rod, measure from the bottom to the top of the firebox. Deduct 1" from the total height in order to get the appropriate clearance. Please reach out to our experienced team for help with determining the right size of standard mesh curtains for your fireplace. 

When shopping for a freestanding fireplace screen or spark guard, accurately measure the width and height of the fireplace opening. Match those dimensions with your choice of a freestanding fireplace screen. Freestanding screens are mostly available in fixed sizes and offer some customizable options such as frame finishes and designs.

As of January 1, 2015, all glass-fronted gas fireplaces and stoves will include an installed protective barrier if the glass surface temperature exceeds 172 degrees Fahrenheit, protecting young children and others from serious burns.  This barrier must be in place when the product is installed. Glass-fronted gas fireplaces manufactured prior to 2015 will require an after-market safety screen, either attachable or freestanding, to prevent access to the hot glass.

With our vast selection of fireplace mesh curtains and freestanding fireplace screens, you are sure to find a protective barrier to compliment your design style and enhance your fireplace. Not only will the fireplace safety accessory look great, but it will help keep you and your loved ones safe as you enjoy the warmth and beauty of a roaring fire in your open-hearth or gas fireplace. 

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