Single Brass Valve Natural Gas 3/8″ MPT Inlet/Plug Orifice For Charmglow

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MHP Grill Parts manufactures high-quality manufacturing machinery. This single valve regulates gas flow to the burner and controls supply. It has a spring-loaded locking mechanism and is intended to lock into place. Charmglow AMK-JAK-TNK-1000-2000-2500-1500 compatible.

Instructions for Replacement Valves

Be sure valve, regulator or part being replaced matches old part. Always use a good thread sealant on threads before installing new part (on flare fittings no sealant required). L.P. sealer should be used on all liquid propane fittings. Do not strip thread by over tightening. After parts are installed check for leaks with soapy water on ALL connections with gas pressure on. Re-tighten if bubbles appear – Never do this test with an open flame.

Replacement Part Numbers:

  • 440100 #36 Orifice
  • 35300


  • Charmglow Models
    AMK, CC-1 left, CC-1 right, JAK, TNK, 1000 1500, 2000, 250, 8260.

We advise removing the original part and comparing it to what we list in order to make sure you choose the proper replacement part for your grill. To confirm that this component will function with your grill, you also may check your owner's manual.

Product Specifications:

 Mfg Part Number:  VLV7B
 Type:  Single Valve
 Material:  Brass
 Item Dimension:  3/8″ MPT Inlet/Plug Orifice


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