Replacement Glass For Fireplace Doors

Tempered safety glass for fireplace doors

We are the best source for custom replacement glass for fireplaces! Based in the United States, our delivery is super fast! Replacement wood stove glass is generally cut and sent out for shipping the same day it is ordered. If ordered later in the evening, we usually get it cut and out the door the next day. Pattern cuts for wood stoves may add 1 day or more depending on if we need a template, or the complexity of your request. Fireplace door glass takes a bit longer than wood stove glass. This is because of the tempering process, which can take a few extra days. We temper each piece and inspect for quality on a per order basis, so the extra wait is well worth it. For both wood stove and fireplace glass, shipping to your door generally takes 2 to 3 days.

Types of Replacement Glass

Tempered Fireplace Glass 

This is high strength glass that is most commonly used in fireplace doors due to its high mechanical strength - tempered glass is 4 to 7 times stronger than regular glass. Its 400° F thermal shock rating is high enough for use in fireplace screens and doors, but it is also suitable for many other glass applications that call for added safety and strength. Although it will occasionally break, the shard pattern of tempered glass is very different from regular glass. While regular glass breaks into large long splinters, tempered glass will completely fragment into small somewhat rounded bits. Unlike many manufacturers, our fireplace glass is tempered by our custom shop here in the USA on a per-order basis. This means that our tempered glass has better quality control for more strength and less breaks. Generally the tempering process takes a few days because it has to cool slowly for a consistent strength. To minimize thermal shock, We recommend a clearance of at least 4" to 6" between glass surfaces and fireplace grates. Available in clear, bronze, and light gray smoked colors with thicknesses of 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4".

Replacement glass for all zero clearance, pre-fab fireplaces and most masonry fireplaces must be strengthened through a tempering process. This is because tempered glass affords the most strength to a fireplace door enclosure while still maintaining a high heat resistance of 400° F before breaking. This is perfect for most fireplaces since their doors are used often and must be open while burning. In order for the fireplace to maintain its manufacturer warranty, ISO certifications, and to-code listings, tempered fireplace glass is required.

Other Heat Resistant Glass

There are generally 4 types of heat resistant glass, used for a variety of heating and hearth applications:

  • Tempax glass: flawless appearance, holds up to 580° F before breaking into sharp shards.
  • Ceramic glass: will withstand to 1380° F with optional IR coating before shattering into sharp pieces 
  • Mica: mineral strip that is easy to cut and resists extreme heat up to 1800° F before burning through.

Each type of high temperature glass is different, with specific recommended applications. It is important to make sure your specifications are correct and you allow room for the glass to expand with the heat.

Last updated on January 31st 2018.