Wide Leg Leistone Wood Fireplace Mantel

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  • Wide Leg Leistone wood fireplace mantel with custom white paint finish
  • Wide Leg Leistone fireplace mantle corner detail
  • Dimensions Of Fireplace Mantel
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 Product Specifications:

  • Material: Paint Grade | Stain Grade Poplar | Red Oak
  • Opening Width Between Legs (A): Up To 60 Inch
  • Opening Height Bottom Of Leg To Breast Plate (B): Up To 48 Inch
  • Return Depth (C): 2 Inch
  • Shelf Length: Your Inside Opening Width (B) + 8.5 Inch + 8.5 Inch + 4.75 Inch + 4.75 Inch
  • Shelf Depth (E): 10.25 Inch
  • Leg Width (F): 8.5 Inch
  • Leg & Shelf Overhang Width (G): 13.25 Inch
  • Body Width (H): Your Inside Opening Width (B) + 8.5 Inch + 8.5 Inch
  • Total Height (I): Your Inside Opening Height (A) + 14.5 Inch
  • Breast Height (J): 14.5 Inch
  • Shelf Side Overhang (K): 4.75 Inch
  • Shelf Front Overhang (L): 6.75 Inch

The wide leg Leistone mantel features plinth blocks to cap the fluted legs, pluse there is an attractive rectangular trim design on the breast plate. The full wood mantel is customizable to a certain degree and available for openings up to 60" wide and 48" tall. All our standard mantels are offered in 3 species of wood. Select paint grade, stain grade poplar and oak, all are prefinished and will need a slight touch up by the homeowner or contractor before applying the final finish. Any fireplace mantle will be a great way to add timeless elegance and charm to any room. You can even get one setup as a headboard for a bed. 

If you want to use this mantel to cover a brick fireplace please give us a call. The Retrun C is for tile, marble or granite only!

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